A short and sweet storytelling photography session; a Sunday afternoon wander on Torquay Beach, Victoria.

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There’s this precious period before a family adds a new baby - this finite number of months and weeks when they learn change is coming and that life as they know it is about to end.

There is such a confusion of feelings during this time. 

A part of you can barely sit still in anticipation for what’s coming. Time seems to slow down, it feels like it may never arrive.

Yet even as you long for tomorrow, a tiny part of you is clutching dearly to right now, to this familiar and precious life you’ve made and come to recognise as your own. 

In just weeks, this family will be welcoming two new babies into their family, transforming their tight little unit of four into their very own tiny tribe.

There are such exciting days ahead. There is so much love and fierce adoration coming.

But welcoming all that newness means letting go of something, too.

So we went to the beach.

This happy family of four ran, played, fossicked for shells and seaweed and other treasures. 

They laughed and comforted one another, kissed and cuddled and existed together. 


In a way only the four of them can. 

There are such exciting days ahead. There is so much love coming. It will be new and fierce and soft and sweet and absolutely worth the wait.

But on Sunday afternoon on Torquay Beach, this family documented their now.

Knowing change is coming.

Because we can never get this day back.

Have a peek at the closing chapter of this family's story.

No matter the stage in your family’s story, we can document it.

An unposed session can take place at a location that’s dear to your family or in your very own home. Lifestyle photography is perfect for telling and preserving your story of now. 

If you live in the Geelong or Melbourne regions, I can document your family, too.

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This lifestyle photography session took place at Torquay Beach, which is the gate way to the Great Ocean Road and located on Victoria’s surf coast. You can have your unposed photography session here, too. Contact me for more details.

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