A mama and her baby just moments after birth at St John of God Geelong Hospital, Michelle McKay Photographer


Check out this perfect little honey, taking in his world.

Check out this perfect little honey, taking in his world.


Fresh 48 Story - A session documenting those first few hours of a newborn's life in the world.

freshie sessions takes place within the first 24-48 hours of your baby's life, and are a perfect way to ensure you remember that first day forever.


My preference is to get to you as soon as possible - within the first 24 hours, and ideally even sooner.

After all, the earlier I join you, the more likely I can make a record of your bonding that really captures the rawness and tenderness of your union.


You'll only meet the love of your life once, mama.

It's more sacred than your wedding day,

more meaningful than all the photographs of your sweetly slumbering infant in any number of gorgeous newborn props and buckets and bonnets.

This is the day you and your tiny one begin.


Wouldn't you want that documented?

Fresh 48 Stories take place in the first hours after birth, typically while mama and babe are still in hospital. They're raw, authentic and focused on catching the irreplaceable and incomparable memories made during those first days getting to know one another.

This particular session was photographed at St John of God Geelong Hospital.

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