From bump to baby. A mama in waiting with Geelong photographer, Michelle McKay.

The easy glow of a mama in waiting. <3

The easy glow of a mama in waiting. <3


The months and weeks you spend lovingly awaiting the arrival of a pretty new baby are beyond compare.

You hold your little darling within you like a secret - close to your heart and ever on your mind.

It’s why having the time documented is so special; the excitement, the anticipation, the raw and unapologetic adoration is written all over you; the tenderness is tangible.

Whether you choose to make a record at home, out in wilderness, just as the sun dips down below the moist green trees,

or as the pink sky kisses the wild waves, we can catch the memories.



Let’s make an artful and authentic record of the time you grew and birthed and brought home the newest member of your gorgeous growing family.

Let’s document that stunning round belly, and make the photographs you’ll one day show your once teeny dot as you tell her about the days you spent waiting eagerly for her to arrive.

Then let’s take the photographs that tell the story of those first days and weeks you got to know her at home - the snuggles, the feeds, the adoring big brother or sister.

Let’s make an archive of the overwhelming love, of her sweet little cheeks, her tiny fingers, her tiny wrinkled toes.

This is the true and tender tale of her beginnings. How special, how worthwhile and wonderful to tell this - her first love story.

What a precious privilege.



Bump to baby collections are available for residents of the Geelong and Melbourne regions of Victoria.

This is two sessions, one of which will make a record of your glorious pregnancy, and a second to make darling photographs of your new fresh baby.

Reach out here to learn more.

Please enjoy this bump to baby gallery, which documented the pregnancy and sweet new squish for this happy mama. These maternity and newborn photographs were taken in Geelong, Victoria.

A big and heartfelt thank you to The Gutsy Mummy, who’s gorgeous family I can share here with you!

These photographs were made by Melbourne and Geelong maternity photographer, Michelle McKay.

Reach out to enquire about having your own maternity story documented.

These photographs made by Melbourne and Geelong newborn photographer, Michelle McKay.

Reach out to enquire about having your own newborn story documented.