The beach is best in winter. Let me tell you why. A beach story session with Geelong photographer, Michelle McKay.


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I hear it a lot.


‘We cannot wait to book an outdoor session with you, just as soon as the weather warms up!’

‘Once summer arrives we’ll be booking a beach story for sure!’

In fact, I’ve already started booking beach summer story sessions. 

After all, the beach and the summer go together like peas and carrots. Right?





Winter at the beach is it’s own type of magical, in a way that cannot be overstated.


1. The light in winter is soft and creamy.

In the summer, the sun is closer to us. That’s why it’s hotter, right?

It’s great for offering balmy days of sand and suncream, but when it comes to afternoons, evenings and even sunsets it means the sun is more direct, the light more harsh and the window for soft orange skies very, very narrow.


2. In the winter, golden hour happens before bed time.

Down here in Victoria we enjoy Daylight Saving during summer. 

It’s such a cool thing - it really allows us to wring every gorgeous minute out of our delicious evenings. But it also means sunset doesn’t happen until well into the evening - close to 9pm in the height of summer. 

The implications when it comes to summer sunset stories is that they sometimes can’t happen - it’s simply too late for the littlest members of the family.

During winter this is a non issue. A sunset session can be over by 5pm and have included all that is magical and romantic about the end of the day without keeping the kiddies up past bedtime. 


3. Winter layers are AMAZING.

The only thing as artistically captivating and aesthetically beautiful to the photographer’s lens as bare skin is all. the. layers. 

Scarves, beanies, vests, woolly socks, tights and tunics. 

Woollens, cottons, linens, denim, a touch of corduroy and a thick quilt or blanket for snuggling. 

Whether rich and earthy winter tones or soft pastel shades - rugging up against winter breezes in cold weather clothing is the making of what may just become your most beautiful and precious photographic memories of all time.



If you’re looking to secure a beach story for your little family, there is truly no need to wait.

Consider a wander on the beach this winter. Invite me along. 


Let’s catch some memories.

This story was photographed a couple of weeks back in Barwon Heads, Victoria.

Isn't it delicious?