A beautiful ordinary afternoon with the Connell family of Bentleigh, Melbourne. Michelle McKay Photographer documents life.


These sweet sisters are thick as thieves.

These sweet sisters are thick as thieves.


My memories of childhood playtime are vague, but oh so precious.

In them, my sister (who was just 11 months my senior) plays a pivotal role.

She was my best friend and side kick when we were small.

I remember us sneakily snacking on cat biscuits on the concrete steps of the back verandah in the early morning sun,

riding our tricycles in perpetual circles up and down the drive-way,

sneaking candy wrappers into the letter box of the cranky old couple who lived next door,

and the way she'd switch on the light in the middle of the night, then climb into my cot to play trampolines while the rest of the house slept.

To have a visual record of that time would be everything. 

I have some recollections, but we had countless beautiful ordinary adventures that are now gone.


I envy the little sisters I photographed during this story session.

They now have this visual record of their shared history.

Years from today, these images will act as a reminder of the way they were once one another's happy place and comfort;

constant companions through all of life's bumpy ups and downs.


I'm so honoured to be able to give that gift.

This Bentleigh, Melbourne family invited me to document through photographs a typical afternoon in their beautiful ordinary lives.

We played in the yard with dress-ups and made a delicious dinner in the cubby house. We enjoyed a tea party, and ended with a bath to wash the day's adventures away before bedtime.

Thanks so much for having me guys - your little ladies are completely enchanting. x

Please enjoy just some of the memories we caught.

Would you like me to come and document the afternoon or morning adventures in your home? Get in touch here. x