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How to make: a creative and simple way to hang and display your beautiful, ordinary happy snaps. Geelong photographer, Michelle McKay

‘I recently created this simple wall hanging for our dining room and it has quickly become the kids' favourite place in the house. Over every meal we chat about the memories it holds, and I often find my children and their friends gazing up at the photographs, giggling softly and pointing out their favourite pictures.’

In this piece, Geelong photographer Michelle McKay shares how to make a simple and cost effective picture gallery to light up any wall of your home.

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Beautiful Ordinary Adventures - An Excursion To Warralily Boulevard Beach Hut Playground in Armstrong Creek, with Geelong Photographer Michelle McKay

'This morning's beautiful ordinary adventure was to a fantastic new playground in Armstrong Creek. The Warralily Boulevard Beach Hut Playground (named by me for its whimsical cubbies and climbing structures constructed of the most beautiful bleached wood) is a small stone's throw from off the Surf Coast Highway turnoff and it is all kinds of fantastic.'

In this piece, Geelong Photographer Michelle McKay showcases a local Armstrong Creek park.

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A little note on why I shoot - Geelong photographer Michelle McKay speaks about documenting life.

'What I relearned is that whether or not I’ve shot this scene before isn’t the point. I photograph to document our lives, to tell our beautiful ordinary story. Not to satisfy some non-existent set list.'

In this piece, Geelong photographer Michelle McKay explains the reason she shoots, and gives the reminder that time is always speeding quickly by.

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An open letter to dads everywhere for Father's Day, 2017

'No matter how you slice it, parenthood is a crazy, hazy, shock of a thing. It’s both the spinning round in circles and the moment you stop, reaching desperately for something so you don’t fall flat.'

In this piece, Geelong photographer Michelle McKay heroes dads in honour of Father’s Day weekend in Australia.

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The baby’s first year milestones you’ll want to document - preserving the memories of your little one’s first year.

'Documenting your children’s milestones through photographs is perfect for creating a tangible record of your family history. It’s such a powerful way to tell the story of your child's life in a way that not only encourages a deep sense of self, but will also foster feelings of belonging and place as they grow.'

In this piece, Geelong photographer Michelle McKay compiles a list of first year milestones for expectant parents.

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Geelong Photographer - Michelle McKay Photographer now has business cards (and they're gorgeous!)

'If you're looking for a Geelong photographer who combines lifestyle and documentary approaches to create instantly nostalgic and evocative storytelling images, I am your gal.'

In this post, Geelong lifestyle photographer Michelle McKay shows off her new business cards. I think you will agree they're very swish!

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Six compelling reasons to decorate your home with lifestyle photographs - Geelong Lifestyle Photographer.

'Storytelling photography is the newest style of lifestyle photography. It’s authentic and real and it documents your actual life, transforming the ordinary into something beautiful and captivating. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose storytelling photographs for your personal picture galleries.'

In this piece, Geelong lifestyle photographer Michelle McKay explores why lifestyle photographs make evocative and meaningful wall art for every home. 

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Why choose storytelling photography? Documenting life vs traditional portraiture.

'Storytelling photography allows for the creation of images that capture the essence of a family, documenting this season of their lives in a way that so accurately depicts them that they feel intrinsically bound to the images, that they sense an innate and undeniable pull toward them in their soul.'

In this piece, Geelong lifestyle photographer Michelle McKay explores the benefit of lifestyle and unposed storytelling photography, as compared to traditional portraiture.

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The importance of printing photographs - childhood, identity, and a history made in pictures.

'I cannot wait for her to see her tiny self, as large as life on the walls of our home. What a testimony to her importance, to her value as a cherished member of our family.'

In this post, Geelong lifestyle photographer explores the importance of printing photographs and displaying them around your home for your children to enjoy and cherish.

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The importance of living in the now and learning to say yes.

'Maybe I can't do it all, but what I can do is make the most perfect slightly burnt and excessively decorated gingerbread men my daughter's ever seen.'

In this piece, Geelong lifestyle photographer Michelle McKay talks about the importance of being present in our own lives and prioritising the things which are most important.

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