Making ART from your beautiful ordinary. When family photographs are more than family photographs.


This would be perfect for a play space or children's room, don't you think?

This would be perfect for a play space or children's room, don't you think?


When I began printing and displaying my family’s photographs, it was for no other reasons than that seeing my children and our beautiful ordinary life on our walls made me crazily, dizzily happy. 

But when I noticed the impact it had on my daughter to see herself large as life in the hallway, in the bedroom and above the kitchen bench, I was hooked. 

Truly, I couldn’t have anticipated the power printing photographs would have in shaping my children’s sense of self and feeling of worth and place.

They know they belong not only because we show them daily, but because they see the evidence in the pieces we choose to decorate our walls. 

It’s them. They are our masterpiece. 

Each family has their own preference for the types of photographs they’ll choose to adorn their living spaces.

For myself, I like to encourage pieces that not only represent your child, but that also show something of who they are, or the life you live.

It is these pieces that have the power to go beyond being simple portraits. 

Simply put, they can be art.

If I could offer a single piece of advice, it would be that after your story session, when I come to present your photographs, select for wall art the photographs that move you. 

These images will become talking points, gathering places, a breath of air when you most need it and an unspoken warm embrace every. single. time. your little child walks by. 

From now, until the day they fly.

This Geelong family selected the above three photographs for their wall art.

They'll be printed on fine art textured cotton paper at 12x18, mounted with crisp white mats and framed archivally in stunning raw Tasmanian Oak frames.

I cannot wait for them to arrive!

See just a few more shots from this family's story session.

I wonder which photographs you'd have selected to frame?

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