She Breathed Through It: Birth Photography at Geelong Hospital by Michelle McKay Photographer


The absolute perfection of a minutes old baby girl. 

The absolute perfection of a minutes old baby girl. 


As in life, birth is an unpredictable business - you’re not always dealt what you were expecting, that for which you may have planned.

Yet when this mama learned she was best to birth in hospital and forego her delivery at The Geelong Birth House, she breathed through it. 

When her due date came and went, she breathed through it.

When it was strongly suggested for various reasons that she be induced, she breathed through it. 

When they informed her that, due the way things were going, she could no longer have her long anticipated water birth, she breathed through it. 

She breathed through it - every ache, challenge and contraction - until they finally lay her darling little girl on her chest. 


I want to live my life the way this mama births babies.

I want to learn to breathe through it.

Come what may.

With strength and grace and courage.

And at the end of it all, looking back, I hope to see that while it may not have been the story I’d anticipated, it was still insanely and spectacularly beautiful. 

Perhaps even more than I could have possibly imagined. 

This birth took place at Geelong Hospital, which is a branch of the Barwon Health services.

Birth is both intense and intimate. I am so grateful for this mamma and her family for sharing the birth of their precious daughter with us. x

These photographs are shared with permission.

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