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Beautiful Ordinary Adventures - An Excursion To Warralily Boulevard Beach Hut Playground in Armstrong Creek, with Geelong Photographer Michelle McKay

'This morning's beautiful ordinary adventure was to a fantastic new playground in Armstrong Creek. The Warralily Boulevard Beach Hut Playground (named by me for its whimsical cubbies and climbing structures constructed of the most beautiful bleached wood) is a small stone's throw from off the Surf Coast Highway turnoff and it is all kinds of fantastic.'

In this piece, Geelong Photographer Michelle McKay showcases a local Armstrong Creek park.

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“My house is too dark for an in-home session.” Watch this Geelong photographer prove you wrong.

'Storytelling photography is a new style of lifestyle photography in the Geelong area. As a result, when I speak about what I do, people often express their reservations about having someone shoot in their home. They worry their space is ‘too dingy’ or ‘too cluttered’, or ‘not bright and airy’ enough. I’m sharing these photographs to demonstrate that none of that matters.'

In this piece, Geelong Lifestyle Photographer Michelle McKay demonstrates that many spaces, however unlikely, can be perfectly suited to documentary and storytelling photography. You just need to know how to find the light.

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The importance of printing photographs - childhood, identity, and a history made in pictures.

'I cannot wait for her to see her tiny self, as large as life on the walls of our home. What a testimony to her importance, to her value as a cherished member of our family.'

In this post, Geelong lifestyle photographer explores the importance of printing photographs and displaying them around your home for your children to enjoy and cherish.

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