The Beautiful Ordinary Love Story Photography Promotion for Geelong Families.

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When did you last truly celebrate your love story?


The Beautiful Ordinary Love Story

Family Photography Promotion


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Love and romance look a little different these days. 


We once celebrated with flowers and candy, but it’s hard to connect such things with what we know now.


The truth is, love isn’t glamorous, and it looks nothing like the ads on tv.


Love is sharing a life with someone, and that’s not always pretty.


It’s taking turns getting up at all hours with a teething toddler.


It’s trudging to work on a few hours rest, or being the one who stays home;

making mud pies with the the four year old, and picking Cheerios out of the baby’s hair.


It’s date nights that look like spaghetti on toast and chocolate mug cake in front of the tele,

and drawing straws for who’s turn it is to get gruff with the kids,

who are still giggling and carrying on an hour after tuck-ins.

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Love is stripping down a baby after an epic poo explosion,

or else it’s being the parent who’s back in the shower to wash them clean again.


It’s day long bed hair, a handbag overflowing with nappies and wipes, spare dummies and sun-cream,

and it’s hanging what feels like the hundredth load of tiny onesies long after the sun has gone down.


It’s sharing a beer or a wine or a coffee, standing at the kitchen bench and saying nothing at all, but just staring.

You both know the day you’ve had - you’ve been in it together.


Besides, there are no words for this journey.

No picture perfect postcard to stick on the fridge.


It’s gritty and messy and glorious, and sometimes a little bit sticky.


It’s a love story, this beautiful ordinary life of ours.


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Geelong folk.

This Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to celebrate your beautiful ordinary love with a family story session.

For $200, you'll receive a 2 hour story session to gift your sweetheart, which can be claimed any time during the first half of 2018.

As well, you’ll also get an 8x12 fine art piece, professionally mounted and ready for framing (artist’s choice).

(No digitals are included in the session fee.)

Afterwards, you’ll get the opportunity to purchase what you love from an a la carte menu of prints, products and collections - a stunning witness to your family's gorgeous story to brighten your every single day.

(Contact me for a copy of the investment guide!)

Also - secure your session before the 6th February and I'll send you a pretty voucher to present your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

This story session voucher can be used to book a family session, an in-home newborn session, or a fresh 48 story. The session can either be in your home, or at a location of your choice.

All sessions are unposed and documentary in nature - they're intended to capture real life - check out my gallery and blogged sessions if you aren't currently familiar with my work.

Sessions are for immediate family only and must be booked before Valentine’s Day of 2018 to take advantage of this promotion.

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Let’s make meaningful art of your family’s unique and beautiful love story.


Let me be your memory catcher. 

Link this post to your hubby with the hashtag #ourbeautifulordinarylovestory so he can get in touch with me (or hey, secure the session yourself - an gift of love for all of your darlings). x