This Old Love. The Bold and Beautiful Bond of Motherhood.

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How to communicate something of such magnitude with mere words? 

How to explain the way the countless feeds, the fleeting, never-ending dragging cycle of mornings into evenings, the drudgery of constant nappy changes and the many meals to prepare, dish out and tidy away manifest as a bold and beautiful, ferocious all consuming devotion?

How to explain the tired and simple beauty of it all? 

The patterns, the repetition. The quietness and the chaos?

The one day collapsing into the next like the constant and ceaseless lapping of the ocean. 

Motherhood is a meditation. 

It is a prayer to the universe and to the darkest, innermost depth of our selves. 

Motherhood is a mantra, spoken over and again and not always tenderly. 

When we are tired and spent and all out of goodwill it is a burden of tasks and responsibilities that keep us busy.

The quieting, the caring, the tending, the making well.

It is a painful and a challenging, a hard and a glorious and a salvaging practice; a grief and a gift of running through the same acts and the same words and the same touch over and over and over and over for days and months and years until one day we step back to see the stone has been made smooth, the never-ending painstaking heart aching task is done. Complete. 


And our hands are empty. Our hearts idle.




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I spent a stunning morning with this mumma and her sweet little peach today.

In the warmth and quiet of a Geelong home, I was able to capture all the tiny precious details of this mumma's little darling, and more important, the bold and beautiful bond they share.

To read what this mamma thought of our session, click here.


Michelle McKay is a Geelong lifestyle photographer who services the wider Geelong and Melbourne regions of Victoria. If you’re interested in having your family photographed in a raw and authentic manner, get in touch - she's is waiting to document your life and to tell your story.