Here are some of the things you might be wondering.

(If you have a question that's not answered here, don't hesitate to drop me a message!)


What should we wear?

While this is completely up to you, I can offer some simple guidelines to ensure your family photograph beautifully. 

Remember the trend from the nineties of dressing everyone in identical denim and crisp white tees? Don't do that. In fact, try to avoid matching at all. Instead, focus on choosing outfits that compliment one another (both in texture and tones).

Soft or natural and earthy tones are fantastic and photograph really well, as do rich colours such as burgundy and mustard. Pops of bright colour can also work wonderfully to create a captivating image.

Avoid shirts with large logos or text if you can. These don't tend to photograph well and can detract from the timelessness of your images (in saying that, if your little is currently refusing to remove their precious Spidey costume, you might choose to let that go - after all, we're all about capturing memories here).

Varied textures in your choice of clothing is great (think denim, wool, linen, corduroy, cotton) and layering is excellent (such as scarves, beanies and vests if the weather requires).

Of course, ensuring the kids (and you!) are comfortable is most important, so let this be your best guide. 

Ultimately, what you wear wont so much matter. If I come to your home and your toddler's in a nappy and your son is refusing to put on a shirt, those are going to be stunning pictures (in fact, please wait for me to arrive to dress them - I adore capturing wardrobe changes!). Those shots will be authentic and sweet and will capture something real (not the least your little one's gorgeous baby rolls!).

Do you use props?

I don't require props and don't provide them, but if there's a special object (such as a much-loved blanket or quilt) that you'd like included in the session then be sure to bring it along. : )

Will we get any shots of the whole family together?

If it's important to you - yes.

These will not be family portraits as you know them though, probably. I'll not be lining you all up and telling you to smile. We'll keep it light and loose and play a game or two to ensure we're capturing your lovely authentic selves.

Otherwise I follow a strict there-are-no-rules-so-let’s-do-what-feels-good approach during my sessions, and it’s served me will in the past. Some of the time I’ll be purely observant. Other times I might catch you or your little one doing something amazing and ask you to do it again. Or perhaps I’ll spot some epic light and place your crawling babe right in the middle of it. There’s no posing or scripting - we’ll just lead with our guts and let the mood take us where it will. : )

I'd love an in-home shoot but I'm worried my house is too dark or too plain.

It's not. I promise you.

How about this - if I arrive at your home and find the lighting isn't great, or (for whatever reason) the space is one I can't work with (spoiler: it’s never happened), we will re-schedule your session (for another, brighter day or at a different location) at no additional charge to you. 

I like the idea of an in-home session, but will I get any images I can frame for the walls?

You certainly will. In fact, unposed photographs are the only kind I frame at my place. : )

My expertise is taking what you deem ordinary and creating something beautiful - artful and authentic is my jam.

Printing photographs is something near to my heart; it is their intended state - your images should not exist only on a hard drive in the bottom of a dark and lonely drawer. 

So yes - there will be plenty of photographs you'll want to frame. The question I'll be asking is 'how big?!'

What if we can't think of anything we want to do for a session?

Don't worry about that, I have plenty of ideas.

I can send you some prompt questions that will get you thinking about the memories you might like to preserve, or location suggestions if you're planning a session outside of the home.

When is the best time of the day for a session?

This depends on a lot of things.

For location sessions, very first thing in the morning (I'm talking sunrise, baby!) and late afternoon are best.

These are the times when the sun is lowest in the sky and the least harsh. The light does the most soft and lovely of dances during these times, and we want to be there to share the music.

If you're planning an in-home session, the timing is a little looser. In fact, giving the sun longer to rise can sometimes be a good thing, as it can mean more light inside.

If we're organising an in-home session, watch the light in your home during different times of the day and let me know if there's a special window of magic - dappled light on the bedroom wall or sunshine pouring in through the kitchen window. We can absolutely work with that. 

Can you do mid-week sessions?

Yes. I really enjoy working mid-week, as it means I can be home with my man and my babies on the weekend. : )

Afternoon and evening sessions are my jam and I can also rock early morning sessions - there's something enchanting about those first waking moments that cannot be matched by any other time of the day.

(The best hours for a session is dependent on the season and the time the sun rises and sets in our part of the world. We'll chat logistics when you book.)

If you have a day of the week or specific time that's best for you, please ask - we'll see what we can work out.

Can you do parties or events?

Ordinarily no. I’m just so busy with all the babies it’s no longer something I prioritise. Send me a message though if you like, and let me know what you have in mind.

I'm not in Geelong or Melbourne. Do you travel at all?

Yes, probably. I have two adorable little dependents, so I'd need some notice to get everything in order.

There will be an additional fee to cover travel expenses and this will vary, depending on where you are and what you require. 

Do you photograph births?

Yes. Yes yes and yes. I ADORE birth photography.

I am absolutely open to photographing the birth of your baby. I can also do Fresh 48 sessions (this is when I visit you and babe at the hospital to catch them all fresh and wrinkly). 

Please send me a message for a quote and to chat logistics! x