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Looking for a memory catcher..?

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Let's capture the way your children play.

The way they giggle, cuddle, squabble, pout, run, twirl.

Let's witness their wonder, their curiosity, their sense of adventure, and their sweetness.

Let's see them full of beans, chests puffed, proud as punch and silly as sausages.

Or watch them during the quiet hours, drifting off to dreaming in your arms.


Those are the things you want to remember.

It's those life making memories I am here to catch.

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mother and daughter reading

This is storytelling photography, and it's perfect for families.

For celebrating the news that you're expecting a baby and documenting your glorious bump.

For those first hours after baby is born, and the days and weeks after you've brought her home.

For honouring the connection between a mother and her nursing child.

For birthdays and milestones, holidays and adventures, anniversaries and

no particular reason at all.

Storytelling photography is for life. 


Interested in seeing more? Visit the gallery.

If you're in Geelong, I can catch the memories of your baby's birth, and the immediate hours that follow.

I can photograph your newborn settling in to life at home,

and I can create for you a record of the very essence of who your children are right now by visiting you at home.

Visit the blog to see examples of all these types of sessions, then get in touch.


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