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Let's tell your story...

Storytelling sessions can happen at home or elsewhere.

They can happen first thing in the morning, in the sleepy evening or sometime between.

I can capture your babies' bed hair as they wake and welcome the day,

a beachside wander on a winter's afternoon, or a backyard bonfire on those last lingering days of summer.

I can capture for you the craziness of witching hour with bath time and tuck-ins, or a lazy Sunday morning on the back deck with coffee in hand and your children roaming free and happy through the garden, pilfering the vegetable patch.

I can be there for a quiet Wednesday morning while you're nursing your baby and laying him down to rest, join you for a mosey through your favourite forest wilderness, attend your daughter's first birthday or tag along for a sneaky midsummer eve swim.

The only question remaining is - what story do you want to tell?